An Interview with Adam McGinlay

Adam McGinlay, general manager of the Cadogan Hall, London

Hannah Nepil interviews Adam McGinlay, General Manager of Cadogan Hall – the Orchestra’s London residence.

Cadogan Hall celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. ‘But rather than just having one party for one night of the year and all waking up with headaches the next day,’ says its General Manager Adam McGinlay, ‘we’ll be having several parties.’ So, for starters, there’s a recital from the tenor Rolando Villazón; a complete Beethoven sonata cycle from pianist John Lill; and a series of concerts from the violinist and conductor Pinchas Zukerman with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

It’s also a time for nostalgia. McGinlay recalls the excitement when, in 2004, the Hall first became home to the annual BBC Chamber Proms – raising its profile in the process. ‘It went from opening its doors with only a very few staff to being live on air within weeks. From the front of house it appeared to go very smoothly, like a gliding swan, but I can assure you there was some frantic paddling underneath,’ says McGinlay.

By now, Cadogan’s schedule also includes a choral series, a Royal Philharmonic Residency and a Zurich International Concert series, which profiles international orchestras rarely heard at other London venues, such as the Brussels Philharmonic. As McGinlay says, ‘Our aim is that if something is already being presented by another venue, we would only do it if we felt we could offer something different.’ He recently programmed a St John Passion by C.P.E. Bach that probably hadn’t been heard in over two hundred years. ‘It wasn’t an easy sell,’ says McGinlay. ‘We have to be very careful because the narrower the repertoire, the more difficult it is to get audiences. But you can’t just keep doing Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto every day.’

And his plans for the future? ‘We’d like to widen the types of performance that we do – particularly Baroque and Renaissance music,’ he says. But the main aim ‘is to stand alone and present something in the best possible way. We believe a concert here should be more like the experience of a five-star retreat, so when you arrive you’re treated well, the seats are comfortable, the food is of quality, there’s nice champagne. Our aspiration is that if you were to hear a concert at one venue and come and hear the same concert at Cadogan Hall, then you would have the better experience here.’



About Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Acknowledged as one of the UK’s most prestigious orchestras, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO) enjoys an international reputation for bringing audiences worldwide first-class performances and the highest possible standards of music-making across a diverse range of musical repertoire. This was the vision of the Orchestra’s flamboyant founder Sir Thomas Beecham, whose legacy is maintained today as the Orchestra thrives under the exceptional direction of its new Artistic Director and Principal Conductor, Maestro Charles Dutoit.
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